Tourist Attractions

Mountain Creek Golf Resort is conveniently located on the Mittraphap Highway and is situated in close proximity to a number of places of tourist interest. Most of the must-visit attractions are within an hour's reach from the resort. Foremost of all are the scenic Lam Takhong Lake & Dam and Wat Khao Chan Ngam, a cave temple with prehistoric paintings, Thao Suranari Monument, Silk Weaving Village at Pak Thong Chai district and the famous Khao Yai National Park, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
The resort is also close to the provincial headquarters – Nakhon Ratchasima – which is more popular as ‘Korat’. Korat is famous for Phimai Historical Park, an ancient Khmer style sanctuary. From the resort, it takes only 30 minutes to reach Korat by road. Korat, which serves as the Gateway to the Northeastern Region of Thailand, teems with many architectural and cultural wonders. Travellers can spend days enthralled by the highly-intact ruins of Phimai Historical Park and a variety of other religious icons and cultural sites.

Nearby Destinations


Distance from Resort: 9 km
Approx travel time: 10 min

Lam Takhong is a huge freshwater lake offering stunning views of the surrounding mountainside greenery. The embankment dam is a preferred rest stop for travelers along the highway. Visitors can take a stroll on the dam, while enjoying picturesque views of nature.


Distance from Resort: 2 km
Approx travel time: 10 min (vehicle + walk)

Just 10 minutes from the Resort, Khao Chan Ngam temple is home to prehistoric drawings with figures of people and animals drawn in coarse red paint. The age of the rock art has been dated to about 4,000 years ago.


Distance from Resort: 49 km
Approx travel time: 36 min

'Piazza Palio', Khao Yai, is an Italian-themed shopper’s paradise located just half an hour from the Resort. It is a kind of 'walking street' where you will find a lot of shops, restaurants, cafes, handicrafts and more.


Distance from Resort: 54 km
Approx travel time: 42 min

SaveOne Market is a night market and a cultural highlight in Korat. Visitors can stroll around the huge place where vendors sell anything from satellite receivers to furniture and from pets to plants.


Distance from Resort: 58 km
Approx travel time: 45 min

Muak Lek Waterfall & Arboretum is one of the most popular destinations in the neighbouring Saraburi province. The waterfall’s lively stream has rocky slopes that form small yet beautiful cascades. The arboretum teams with a wide variety of trees.


Distance from Resort: 40 km
Approx travel time: 30 min

Chokchai Farm is a fully integrated agro-tourism farm perched on a vast stretch of plains amidst scenic surroundings. Visitors can learn about milking and making of fresh milk ice cream and participate in various activities.


Distance from Resort: 80 km
Approx travel time: 1 hr 20 min

Haew Suwat Waterfall is probably the most popular of all in the Khao Yai National Park. This waterfall was featured in a scene in the Hollywood blockbuster drama "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


Distance from Resort: 65 km
Approx travel time: 46 min

Korat Zoo & Water Park is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you have kids. Based on 'Open Zoo' concept, it is home to 1,800 animals of 257 species. The water park is famous for Giant King Kong water slide, unique splash pool and Seal Show.


Distance from Resort: 120 km
Approx travel time: 1 hr 25 min

Phimai Historical Park protects one of the most important Khmer temples of Thailand. Located in the town of Phimai (Korat), the Phimai temple marks one end of the Ancient Khmer Highway from Angkor.


Distance from Resort: 81 km
Approx travel time: 1 hour

Ban Dan Kwian is a pottery village, which has been producing pottery and ceramic pieces with rust-coloured clay for generations. At the village, you can also find many beautiful Thai paintings and designs. Guests can observe how the artisans make the pottery and also purchase some of the pieces.


Distance from Resort: 18 km
Approx travel time: 15 min

Located in Sikhio about 18 km from the resort, Wat Non Kum is a beautiful temple and is home to the biggest golden bronze statue of Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Toh, one of the most famous Buddhist monks during Thailand's Rattanakosin Period.


Distance from Resort: 64 km
Approx travel time: 52 min

Not far from the resort are beautiful Sunflower Fields in Muak Lek district of the neighboring Saraburi province. Many foreigners and Thais from Bangkok visit the fields on a day trip during weekends to take home awe-inspiring photos and videos. The sunflowers season starts around November and goes on until about February.


Distance from Resort: 51 km
Approx travel time: 38 min

Embedded in the hillside towering over the valley and the Mittraphap Road, this majestic, huge white Buddha statue is visible from the highway close to the 150 km road mark at Ban Klang Dong village in Pak Chong district.

Locals refer to this statue as “Luang Por Khao”, which could be loosely translated as the “spiritual guide from the mountain”. At the base of the hill is Wat Theppitak Punaram which the statue belongs to.


Distance from Resort: 69 km
Approx travel time: 60 min

Home to many beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfalls. Flora and fauna include Asiatic elephant, tiger, black water monitor, muntjac (barking deer), macaque and redheaded tragon. The park also has one of Thailand's largest population of hornbills. Khao Yai’s forests are teeming with wildlife and birds. Look up and down and at sides, tread softly, and listen carefully to discover the real movers and shakers in the forest.


Distance from Resort: 13 km
Approx travel time: 13 min

The Military Dog Academy at Nong Sarai is Thailand’s largest dog training centre. Most of the dogs trained are German shepherds and Labrador retrievers. There is also a club that trains dogs for the public.

To promote tourism, the Army allows visitors to see a museum inside that displays mines, weapons from battlefields and dog equipment. The academy presents dog shows regularly to showcase dog obedience training, explosive and drug detection and maneuvering through obstacles.


Distance from Resort: 48 km
Approx travel time: 35 min

When you are heading to Khao Yai, it is well worth to take a short diversion just before reaching Piazza Palio to an ‘unseen’ natural wonder – Nam Phut Natural Spring – where you can cool off with a refreshing dive in the pristine waters of the spring.

The spring is, in fact, a collection of small water bodies set in different levels in the lush green surroundings. Barring the origin of the spring, visitors are allowed to take the plunge anywhere. People, mostly locals, often visit the area with families for camping, relaxation and fun.


Distance from Resort: 32 km
Approx travel time: 26 min

Thong Somboon Club is a large adventure park located off Mittraphap Highway in the middle of beautiful Thai countryside of Pak Chong district. The club has many fun and adventure activities for kids and adults alike such as ATV ride, luge ride, buggy ride, go cart (kids), go cart (adults), bumper boat, cart cross, dry sledge, shooting, flying fox and rolling ball. If you are looking for a fun family day out close to our resort, this is the place to go. The club operates 9.00 to 18 hours on weekdays and 8.00 to 18.00 hrs on weekends and public holidays. Another attraction which is worth a visit is Khao Noi Public Park located just 2 km from the club. The park is home to a beautiful forest and waterfalls. Birds, monkeys and monitors are often sighted in the area.


Distance from Resort: 55 km
Approx. travel time: 42 min

Despite this age of high technology and automation, it is a little known fact that the bulk of silk produced in Thailand is spun by hand in silk villages using traditional techniques. Pak Thong Chai is one such village entirely dedicated to the production of fine silks and silk products. The village showcases elaborate silk-weaving process and offers beautiful Thai silk at reasonable prices. Worth visiting places in the area are Pak Thong Chai 100 Years Park and Petrified Wood Park. Located about 3 km from the silk village, the 100 Years Park is a nice place to relax and unwind. The Petrified Wood Park, which is situated opposite Wat Krok Duean Ha in the nearby Suranari village, boasts a collection of over 10,000 petrified wood pieces that date back 1-320 million years!

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